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Voice in Legco

Review Public Finance to Maintain Steady Economic Development

The sustainability of public finance is an important foundation for the stable and prosperous development of Hong Kong’s society and economy. Hong Kong needs the Government to have sufficient financial strength to withstand risks to ensure the stability of its economy and financial system.


Hong Kong is now at a stage of advancing from order toward further prosperity, and Hong Kong’s young people are precisely the key to further prosperity.


Administration concerns all aspects of the HKSAR government, including the overall administration mindset that underpins the formulation, implementation and supervision of various government policy measures. Hong Kong needs to improve its administration to achieve good governance.


Last month, the Legislative Council passed a motion on “Embracing the spirit of the 20th National Congress to further develop Hong Kong”.


To use the Future Fund for strategic investments to achieve greater social returns and carve a new path for the future, the key lies in whether the investments are compatible with the direction of Hong Kong’s economic development.


Amid intense competition from other financial centers, Hong Kong must have crisis awareness and continue to strengthen and consolidate its status as an international financial center.


I look forward to Hong Kong establishing high-quality vocational and professional education and training (VPET) to help students fully develop their unique abilities, and boost the diversification and competitiveness of Hong Kong’s economy in the long run.


President Xi has given a clear direction for Hong Kong to start progressing from disarray to good governance over the next five years. I agree that it is necessary to realize “patriots administering Hong Kong” in order to implement “One Country, Two Systems” and start a new chapter for good governance.


The series of tragic child abuse cases uncovered in Hong Kong are a wake-up call to every sector of our society that children’s welfare must not be overlooked.


Tackling the challenges head on, the Government should accurately address the housing needs of the people and the need for land for economic development, with due consideration to fairness.


Hong Kong must effectively increase the vaccination rates for its elderly and children, study and source new vaccines, prepare adequate isolation and treatment facilities