2023 February
2023 February

Resumption of Infrastructure Construction in Hong Kong

The new Policy Address announced the construction of “three railways and three major roads”, which together with the planned Lantau Tomorrow Vision and Northern Metropolis projects, herald a new infrastructure boom in Hong Kong over the next 10 to 20 years.

Visit to Two Vietnam Cities to Promote In-depth Cooperation

Earlier, spearheaded by Jonathan Choi, the Chamber’s Chairman, several groups jointly organized a large-scale delegation to visit Vietnam to explore business opportunities in order to promote in-depth cooperation between Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Easy Carbon Footprint Calculator for Businesses

Reducing carbon is a common concern for all businesses today. Local technology startup Carbonbase focuses on helping companies reduce carbon emissions and offering services related to carbon neutrality, net zero transition and green finance.

Hong Kong’s Cross-Program Loyalty Point Redemption Platform Sets Eyes on the Greater Bay Area Market

Loyalty programs offering points for redeeming gifts or special discounts are popular campaigns used by retailers to boost spending. The snag is that consumers often have points or stamps across many different retailers.