HKDA 50th Anniversary - Supporting Organizations of the HKDA Design Brand Awards Promotion (CGCC)

【BDA Brand Design Award 2023 is now call for nominations till 2023.02.20】

Good branding deserves great recognition.



As the inaugural brand design award in Hong Kong that is nominated by professional bodies and recognized by the design and creative industry, BDA is established by the 50-year history Hong Kong Designers Association. The award is supported by dozens of large-scale industrial and commercial corporations, and more than hundreds of high-quality brands will participate. It aims to commend and promote excellent brands that emphasise creative design and market value, to publicise great branding projects, appreciated and loved, so that your good branding work gets the righteous attention you truly deserve and entitled to. Award-winning brands can be recognized by globally-renowned designers and featured with millions of exposures and invited to participate in the HKDA 50th Anniversary Banquet to network with more than 100 political, business, design leaders and management. The star judging panel includes Mr. Alan Cheung MH, Dr. Kan Tai-Keung SBS, BBS, Ms. Mui Kinoshita, Mr. Tommy Li, Professor Eric C. Yim JP. The nomination period ends on February 20, 2023, and the application fee is waived if you have a nominator. For more details, please visit https://bda.hkda.hk/ or the BDA organizing committee at (852) 2133 4016 / (852) 9451 0302.